This is the history of Guraldia.

Guraldians were, at first, a primitve tribal society. However, as time went on they began to form civilizations. One of the first great empires on Guraldia was ancient Airea, founded at 4500 BS.

Ancient Airea was a great civilization with many cities, and in it, the wheel was discovered. Over hundreds of years, however, ancient Ariea became unstable, and the people spread onto the neighboring islands. 

A great war raged, and The Republic of Alsan was founded on 4000 BS.

Alsan was a great, huge nation where many people prospered. It was also considered the first democratic nation. Many great buildings are in Alsan. 

Alsan spread far and wide, and even conquered some parts of neighboring islands.

Alsan continued to spread, but the peoples on the neighboring island, Meriad, were unhappy with their spreading.

They tried to wage a war on Alsan. They lost, but Alsan was severely weakened, having lost all its colonies on Meriad and some on the coast of Airea. The tribes on Meriad, having tasted defeat, became two main nations; The republic of Northern Meriad, and Orlan. This was about 3600 BS. Orlan joined forces with the tribes on Asla to take down Alsan once and for all. 

They banded together and fought a long war from 3570-3558 BS. 8 years afterwards, King Victon II the Weak accepted defeat, and Alsan disbanded into many smaller states, including Southern Airea. Victon's son, Andreas VI the Splendid, inherited Southern Airea.

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