The Xarothi, or simply Xaroth, are an ancient race from many billions of years in the past.

Name Xarothi/FUNCTI0N
Intelligence Far above human or guraldian
Lifespan 500 years - 1,000 years
Population 10 trillion (more in Dimension X)
Alignment Evil


The Xarothi have perhaps the longest history in the known universe. They started out in a cold, lifeless, and dead universe called Dimension X . Dimension X only had cool, small, and old, red stars. The Xarothi built giant stations around the stars, advancing their technology and turning into slug-like creatures in order to pick up the small amount of heat from the stars.

In order to command themselves, they created a machine, FUNCTI0NSQUARE, to lead them. They marched into battle with their enemies, the Light Ones, in The great war. However, the Light Ones lost.

The Xarothi continued on, until one station came across a Rift. Going through the Multiverse, they finally found a younger universe where they could prosper.  They traveled through the rift in an event called The great exile.  

Soon, they found themselves in the same galaxy as the Guraldians, and have tried to wipe them out for control of the galaxy ever since.


The Xarothi are cold, calculating machines. They sometimes call themselves FUNCTI0N. Their master is the machine FUNCTI0NSQUARE, while most robots in the Xarothi empire are drones with no free will. Xarothi despise the Guraldians. The Xarothi despise most things, actually, but guraldians especially. The guraldian name 'Xarothi' comes from the blob Xaron, playing on the fact that Xarothi are a blob with a brain in the middle.


While it is assumed that the Xarothi were once human-like, they slowly evolved from human to a primitive tube. All the tube was, was a mouth and a brain. The Xarothi continued to become more and more efficient, to the point where all they were was a brain suspended in gel and attached to some wires.

The Xarothi 'eat' via a tube that goes directly into their simple body.

Xarothi, previously, had to cope with extreme obesity, but eventually, as their own sun grew dimmer and they continued to evolve, they simply shut off the gene for hunger and then ate only when they became mortally hungry.


The Xarothi military, led by FUNCTI0NSQUARE, is a massive fleet with many millions of ships, battlecruisers, and most commonly, FUNCTI0NDRONES.


  • "Why do you betray us?" - To the guraldians
  • "Our... Name... Is... Not... Xarothi!" - To the guraldians
  • "We... Shall... Consume...." - To enemies
  • '"Come... To.. Us... Feel... Better...." - Sometimes, but not to allies.